If you want to acquire competitive advantage, you have to use superior strategies that differs from your competitors.

Here are some strategies in successful recruiting.

    • Treat your applicants like your customers. Treat your recruitment strategy like what you are doing with your marketing and sales funnel. Every person that you add to your team can make a difference. Impress them and treat them to a great hiring experience.

    • Understand the cost and benefit of an employee before you hire them. It is important to know what the potential costs and benefits are before your hire. This is one of the best practices for recruiting employees.


  • Strengthen your employee brand with content marketing. One of the components to content marketing is sharing your knowledge to your customers as well as to your employees. Each one of you in your team has an area of expertise. Help each other find ways of sharing, whether it is writing a short article or company blog, or answering questions. On the other hand, you can use the features of social media sites like Facebook’s live broadcasting, Instagram photos, and the like. Give people the chance to learn about your organization and you may never know, they just want to join. That’s how branding attracts.

  • Develop talent pipeline. Talent pipeline is one the most strategic approaches to recruiting because this works by crafting skills and qualifications for a given role and identifying individuals who might be fit for the position.

  • Use of data to optimize hiring time. To help you know if you’re on the right time to hire, measure your time to hire. Decide on how long does it take you to actually bring the new employee on board. Having a knowledge on this will help your organization determine how much time you need for an effective recruitment.

  • Have a strategy to attract the best cultural fits. Put all the accurate information to help people decide if they are really a good fit. When promoting your brand, may it be on social media or on your career page, be honest and tell real information about daily life at the company. This helps you save time from interviewing and hiring the wrong people.

  • Using videos as part of the strategy. Video needs to become part of your recruitment strategy. You can do this by making a company video or even performing video interviews. Video content makes up 80% of the internet traffic so this one is a hit.

  • Employee referrals. One of your best source to find effective people to be in your team is through your existing team. If your current employees are happy and contented with the work they have, they might refer someone they know especially their friends and their colleagues to join you.

  • Do not ignore your rehires. For employees who performed well and left under positive circumstances, keep up with them. Aside from them, knowing all the company culture, turning them into a source of employees is easy as well.

  • Make a profile about your best employees. Have a look on the performance of your best employee. You can use that one in selecting new members of your organization. Use it as a gauge to create your core values and hire new people based on those values.


Benefits of Having  Recruiting Tactics

Having recruitment tactics or strategies have benefits for businesses and organizations. These advantages are:

  1. Being able to determine the potential gaps or areas of weakness.

  2. Having a proactive approach to find and recruit high quality employees which leads to a better long-term hiring decisions.

  3. A good budgeting that allows your team to keep a track on your recruitment costs.

  4. Making sure that all your staff members who are involved in the process take the same approach.

A recruitment strategy doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. You just need to stick to it so you can give your organization the best possible chance of finding and keeping high quality of employees. You can also use a company like ours to help you in your recruiting process. Contact us today to find out how.