The National Nutrition Month reminds us the importance of taking care of our health through proper diet and healthy lifestyle. In connection with that, employers are getting more and more involved in their employees’ health and wellness. This is one of their initiatives to show how much they value their employees as a family rather than mere assets.

To increase productivity, employers should invest in their employee’s health. They play a big role in the growth of the company, and a single absence due to illness may entail major losses and inconveniences. While stress may be inevitable, a good employer will do some action to help their employees cope and adjust.

A company’s success is the result of the grueling hours of hard work of their employees. A good company should reward this by giving them access to health and wellness programs. A study shows that about 75% of employees tend to stay longer in a company knowing that their concerns and welfare are being addressed.

Types of Health and Wellness Programs

An unhealthy workforce could lead to businesses losing more than they could ever imagine. So corporate health and wellness programs are strongly implemented in various businesses to avoid losses and ensure the optimum health of employees. The different health and wellness programs a company could offer includes:

  • Having a company gym or sports activity area
  • Annual physical check-ups
  • Activities such as fun runs and teambuilding
  • Giving a company-sponsored transportation service
  • Serving healthy meal options at the canteen
  • Assistance programs
  • Offering siesta rooms
  • Health and wellness challenges

All of these will help improve health and overall welfare of employees. While, there is no assurance that all employees will voluntarily join the programs, companies and employers should not stop spreading this advocacy.

Health and Wellness Involvement of HR Companies in Minnesota

Companies in Minnesota and all over the world are now designing a better health and wellness programs each year for their employees. Services in human resources in Minnesota can help job seekers find companies that are concerned about their employee’s health. This way, their employees could work better knowing that their company is continuously making their workplace a safe and healthier environment for them.

Benefits of Health and Wellness Programs

Whether a company is big or small, both can benefit from an effective corporate health and wellness program. Not only employees can harvest such benefits, but the employers as well. By investing in a good corporate and wellness program, companies have seen these benefits

  • Increased productivity and better performance
  • More motivated employees
  • More active and less sickly employees
  • Lesser health care costs
  • Lesser lifestyle-related issues, diseases and concerns logged
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • More employees deciding to stay

North Woods Associates, aside from being a recruiting agency in Minnesota, has been partnering up with different businesses in creating a healthy workplace and healthier work environment by offering custom health and wellness programs. We are unbiased, and we look into both sides ensuring an equal benefit to all.

So if you would like to know more about how we will be able to give you benefits from a well-designed corporate health and wellness program, contact us now.

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